Students from Samskolan year 5 wrote:

Our thoughts after watching the movie Wall-E

”We need to communicate with others in order to collaborate and develop.”

”To form relationships with each other we must have human contact. You have to talk to a person properly to get close. To look each other in the eyes is important to form good relationship when communicating. We need to communicate with others in order to become friends with each other.”

”It is important that you communicate with others and not become depressed and feel alone. Ronaldo cannot play without the team "

”Technology has made us lazier.”

”It is entirely possible that if we don´t take care of our earth, the earth will be affected by pollution so that you cannot live on earth.” 

”There are millions of cars in the world that emit a lot of carbon dioxide and makes the atmosphere warmer.  What does it mean to the North Pole?”

”I think technology has made both future good and bad because it makes life much easier for anyone who wishes to communicate on the network or on the cell phone but also worse for everyone becomes completely obsessed with technology and then you get no exercise.” 

”I do not think it's possible that the earth will be the same as the earth they produce in the movie Wall-E. The people today are aware of the importance of the environment for Earth's survival. There are e.g. environmentalists and scientists who are trying to produce eco-friendly things. We compost our waste and we also recycle plastic, glass and paper. The more people who care about nature and the environment, prolong the lifetime of the earth.”

”It is because of technical inventions it has become easier for people. The bad thing is that technology is destroying our planet by all emissions from different vehicles, as seen in Wall-E.”

Questions to Wall-E

Technology – Has technology made the future better or worse? Is technology dehumanizing?

Environment/Pollution/Industrialization – Is the depiction of Earth a possibility/reality?

Religion Genesis 1:12:3 The story of creation and the correlation to WallE and EVE

Relationships/Communication – How are relationships formed? Why do we need to communicate/connect with others?

Physical Fitness/Consumerism– Has technology, the need for immediate gratification, and constant
exposure to advertisement caused humans to physically deevolve?

Thoughts after you saw Wall-E.

Students at Myrsjöskolan year 4 wrote:

"I think it was we humans that destroyed the world."

"It was horrible to see all the rubbish."

"It is about us leaving litter all over the place."

"You learned that you shouldn’t leave litter because then poisonous gases comes and there lill be no life."

"It shows how the earth can end up if we don’t stop throwing rubbish and letting out toxic waste for example exhaust fumes."

"In Wall-E’s world the earth was boring."

"I thought about the future when I saw Wall-E’s world."

"This might happened in the future. "

Students at St. Mary's School years 1 - 5 wrote:

"People don’t clean up after themselves and the Earth gets dirty.  People can’t be lazy.  We have to do our share." 

"We need to find different uses for Earth’s materials, and things people make that can be used for other things."

"Tools can be used to help repair the Earth; whoever would've thought that something we use for one thing can be used for a totally different thing.  Cool."

"Eve showed the video about what Earth looks like.  The robots didn't want that to happen and helped the Earth survive.  Drawings and pictures and video can help make a difference."

"All the people hadn't been cleaning up and everything got dirty.  They were moving trash from one place to another.  All the trash killed all the life."

"Planting plants and trees are important for us to survive.  Everyone needs them."

"If you liter, plants will die."

"You won’t feel good if you are lazy and don’t exercise. "

"If you don’t take care of the Earth it will be ruined forever."

"Friendships in space are just as important as friendships on Earth and at St. Mary’s.  Everywhere we go we need to be kind."

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