tisdag 24 maj 2016

Årets Earth hour-tema handlade om Kläder- tillverka, använda, slänga?
Många skolor och klasser deltog med stort engagemang.
Vi avslutade med sedvanlig utställning i Nacka Stadshus.
Det här året genomfördes även Earth hour-eventet på vår vänskola St. Mary´s i Kalifornien. Elever från Samskolan i Nacka och elever från St. Mary´s har i samband med detta skrivit brev till varandra och berättat vad de har lärt sig under Earth hour-arbetet.

tisdag 20 oktober 2015

We had an interesting day at the windmill park in Palm Desert together with the PEAK-team from The Energy Coalition on October 2nd 2015.

onsdag 8 april 2015

6th-graders in Samskolan work with the Earth Hour-assignment 2015

This year our annual PEAK-event is about cycles and a trip out in space. The assignment was:

You have been appointed by the council to plan and take part in the greatest adventure in the history of mankind: You shall equip a giant spaceship to make a journey of unprecedented dimensions. These are the conditions: The journey will last 1000 years. You will have access to solar energy throughout the whole journey. No more than 100 persons are allowed on board the ship at the same time. What will you bring? (The mission by Wolfgang Brunner, 1996)

What are we going to eat?
How do we get oxygen?
What do we do with our garbage?

tisdag 31 mars 2015

Earth hour-uppgift 2015

Här kommer bild på hur vi i åk F-6 på Duvnäs skola skildrade resan till en öde ö och resan till mars. Lågstadiet åkte med båtar och luftballonger. Mellanstadiet åkte med raketer.
I bilden fick eleverna på mellanstadiet skildra en känd byggnad i världen som hade nedsläckt under Earth Hour – skickar en bild som två elever i i åk 6 gjort på Eiffeltornet.

måndag 31 mars 2014

8th graders at Samskolan work with Sustainable Development

Our 8th graders have for four weeks times worked every Thursday with a project on the Use of Fossil Fuels, after an introduction held by the teachers on the subject the first week.

Project: The Use of fossil fuels and its consequences in our environment, what other resources are there? The students were given the choice to represent different organisations as UN, Green Peace, The government of Bangladesh etc... to debate for an audience of 8th graders the positives and negatives of fossil fuels.

tisdag 18 mars 2014

Year 5 in Myrsjöskolan have ideas how to save energy at home

Uppfinnarna visar på hur man i hemmet kan spara energi genom att utnyttja vardagliga aktiviteter på ett enkelt sätt. De förklarar med ord och bild hur uppfinningen fungerar. Denna uppfinning är något vi med stor spänning ser fram emot att få använda i våra hem för att komma till rätta med den energislukande uppvärmningen.

The inventors shows us how to use everyday activities to save energy. They explain how the the invention works both in text and with pictures. This is something we look forward too se in our home in the future, a way to lower our consumption of energy for heating.

fredag 21 februari 2014

Nobel Lunch and Sustainability Competition

St. Mary’s Nobel Lunch and Sustainability Competition

In the month of November, St. Mary’s students were encouraged to consider, “What does sustainability look like at home, school and in the community?”  We wanted students to think creatively and assess the global impact of our daily decisions.  The Nobel Lunch and Sustainability Competition is an opportunity for students to design an invention or solution that makes their home, school or community more sustainable.  Imagine reducing waste, mitigating pollution and cleaning-up our world! 

A panel of students and adults served as jurors and selected the top three student projects in the sustainability categories; home, school and community.  In-line with the Nobel Prize announcements in Stockholm on Dec. 05, the best designs were shared on Tuesday, 3 November and Nobel Laureates participated in a Nobel Lunch on Thursday, 05 December. 

The top sustainable student projects were:
Community: Seventh grader, Evan Tuesta, with his design for a school crosswalk from the busy cross street for students to safely cross with bicycles to the campus.
School: Seventh grader, Grant Kinsey, with his design for lunch programs without genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and courses for students to embrace holiday cooking without GMO's.
Home: Seventh grader, Terrence Jung, with his design for Earth Week and each day is designated for a special earth act sponsored by the school community.  For example, Monday students recycle batteries on campus and Tuesday students recycle DVDs, Wednesday students recycle e-wastes, etc.

What we are already doing:
St. Mary’s Lower School is tackling environmental issues with worm bins, edible school yard vegetable boxes and composting food waste at lunch.  Like-minded teachers, administrators, parents and students are actively working on Green initiatives to improve the overall health and awareness on campus.  For example, re-used cardboard boxes are being decorated and will be distributed to ALL classrooms to increase paper recycling and colored containers have been purchased to help sort waste according to materials.